Luck chain letter. Ancient prayer postcard. "see what happens." US, 1912.

                           April 7 1912
An Ancent Prayer.
O' Lord Jesus I emplore thee to
bless all mankind and Keep
us from evil take us to live
with thee eternally. This prayer
was sent to me and must be
sent all over this word.
Copy it and see what happens.
It was said in Jesus time all
who copy it would be delievered
from all calamity. And those
who passed it by would meet
with misfortune, Those who
copy it within nine days of
receiving and sent to nine to
nine friends, would on the ninth
day receive great joy. No
name sign date only don't
forget to copy nine time.

Government issue postal card postmarked in Baltimore, MD on April 7, 1912. Mailed anonymously to Miss Edna Gibbson also of Baltimore. Pencil script fill back of card. Sic "Ancent", "emplore" "delievered", "over this word," "to nine to nine." Lines preserved. Provided by Robert Bezilla of Princeton, NJ to VanArsdale.


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