Luck chain letter (postcard). Ancient Prayer. US, 1912.

April 1
An ancient Prayer.
O Lord Jesus we implore thee
To Keep all mankind to
keep us from evil to keep
us dwell with Him in
  _____      ____     _________
This prayer was sent to me
& is bing sent all over the world
it is said in Jesus time all
these who wrote this prayer
would be delivered from all
calamity and these who did
not write it and pass it
on would meet with some
great misfortune these who
copy and send to nine of
their friends one each day
for nine days will receive
some great Joy on the
ninth day. Please do
not break the chain
do not sign your name
but date when received.
  Rec'd March. 28

Written in pencil on government issue postal card (UX22). Postmarked on April 2, 1912 in Searsboro, Iowa. Addressed to Miss Hazel Watson, New Sharon, Iowa. Sic "bing", "these" for those often. No return address. There is another chain letter that was sent to Hazel Watson (hw) from a different person. See 1914.


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