Luck chain letter (postcard). Ancient Prayer type. Titled "Our Earnest Prayer." Remailed (?). US, 1912.

   3,      10  -    12
 Our Earnest Prayer.
Oh Lord Jesus we implore
thee to bless all mankind
and keep us from all
evil and bring us to
dwell within thee.
---  ----------------       ---------
This prayer was sent to
me and is to be sent
all over the world. Copy
it and see what happens.
It was said that in Jesus
time all who wrote it
would be delivered from
all calamity and those
who passed it by would
meet with some mis-
fortune. Those who copy
it within 9 days and
send to 9 different
friends will on the 9th
day receive some
great joy. Do not break
the chain. Sign no name.
Date received.

Government issue postal card (Scott UX20) postmarked in Middletown, N.Y. on March 11, 1912. Addressed to Miss Jamie Reeves, Johnson, N.Y.  No return address. Postcard enclosed in an envelope postmarked in Westtown, NY on April 2, 1915. Addressed to Miss Jammie Reeve, Johnson, N.Y. No return address. Written on back of letter, twice: "Reid Friday, Apl 2-1915." "Reid" is apparently an abbreviation of "Received." Why did someone send Miss Reeve a postcard she had also received three years previously? Script writing is entirely on back, even though UX20 provides some writing space on the front left. Lines preserved. Provided by Jonathan Sartzer, originally part of an ebay lot. Entered by DWV on 2/24/03.


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