Luck chain letter.  "An Ancient Prayer"  "... grant all mankind grace ..."   " ... delivered from all ailments."  US, 1911.
An Ancient Prayer: O Lord Jesus, I implore Thee to grant all mankind grace and keep us from evil by Thy precious blood, and let us to dwell with Thee in eternity.
This prayer was sent by ____.   I send it to you. It is an ancient prayer and is sent from Jerusalem, and he who will not copy it will meet with ill luck, but he who does copy it for nine days beginning the day he received it, and each day sends it to a friend, will on the ninth day receive some great joy and be delivered from all ailments.
Make a wish while writing this prayer. Please don't break this chain.

Published: The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York), June 5, 19011, p. 3.
People of Elmhurst and Corona are Being Flooded with Letters.
"The old prayer-chain, long the bane of clergymen and Post office officials, has come to light again in  Elmhurst and Corona. Many women in the two districts have been receiving unsigned letters, in open envelopes, with one cent stamps which read as follows:"  [text]
"Many of those to whom the prayer was sent, with superstitious fear, have been writing it and sending it on, in consequently the mails have been flooded, and several women have received it more than once. The Newton police have been consulted, but they say there is nothing to do but destroy the prayer as soon as it is received. The clergymen of the place, when asked by their parishioners for advice, tell the women to burn it. The thing was started by a woman, as the earliest handwriting shows, and has been sent to women only."
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