Luck Chain Letter. Ancient Prayer.  "... Make a wish and do not fail to write to nine friends..."  US, 1911.
An Ancient Prayer
Oh! Lord, I implore Thee to bless all mankind and help us to dwell with Thee.
This prayer was sent to me by a friend. Copy it and see what will happen. It is said that he who copies this prayer will meet with some great joy on the ninth day, he who does not, will meet with some great misfortune. It is said in Jerusalem that he who writes this prayer will be delivered from all calamities. Do not break the chain, make a wish and do not fail to write to nine friends one each day and commence the day you receive this, and do not sign your name.

From: The Journal News (Hamilton, Ohio), 30 May 1911, p. 5.  Title: "A Fake Prayer Being Sent to Many Hamilton People"  Subtitle: "Mails Flooded."  "A copy of the letters sent to many persons during the last few days follows:"   Entered by DWV, Dec. 5, 2013.


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