Luck chain letter. Ancient Prayer type. Many unorthodoxies. "An Answer to Prayer"  For women. "Keep me from all evil thoughts."  Canada, 1910.
An Answer to Prayer. - The Lord Jesus implores me to bless all mankind. Keep me from all evil thoughts. Thy blood make me as I will be with them in eternity.
This was sent to me, I send it to you. Copy it and see what will happen. It is said in Palestine that she who will copy this nine days, beginning with the day she receives this, and will send a copy each day to a friend will, on the ninth day, experience some great joy and be free from calamity. But she who will not do this will meet with misfortune. Make a wish while copying this. Do not break the chain. Must not be signed.

Published: Vancouver Daily World (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada), Dec. 23, 1910, p. 6.

"A letter, of which the following is an exact copy, has just been received."  [text]  "If I must express a 'wish' it is that very few may be found stupid enough to copy this impious twaddle ..."  Dec. 21, 1910.
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