Luck chain letter (postcard). "An Ancient Prayer"  "...see what will happen." From Wimbledon. England, 1910.
An Ancient Prayer
Oh Lord I would implore thee to bless all mankind
preserve them from all evil by thy precious word
take them to dwell with thee in Paradise.
This prayer was sent to me to copy it & see what will
happen. It was said in ancient times that whoso wrote
it would be delivered from calamity, that those
who did not would have great misfortune. Those
who write for 9 days, beginning on the day it was
received, and send one each day to 9 friends will
experience great  joy.    

Do not break the Chain.
            Do not sign your Name.

Picture postcard: "The Picnic Spot, Wimbledon Common." Addressed to Miss K. B. Hawe (?), The Club, Chelmsford, Essex. Postmarked in Wimbledon, July 22, 1910. Written in black ink, sideways on left half of card. Entered by DWV, Feb. 10, 2015.


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