:Luck Chain Letter.  "An Ancient Prayer"  "It is an exact copy of an ancient prayer."  "Make a wish while writing."  US, 1910.
O, Lord Jesus, I implore thee, I love all mankind. Keep us from all evil by thy precious hand and take us to dwell with you in eternity.
  This prayer was sent to me. I send it on to you. It is an exact copy of an ancient prayer. Copy it and see what happens. It is said in Jerusalem that he who will not copy the prayer will meet with some misfortune, but he who will write it for nine days, beginning with the day he receives it, and will mail a copy each day to a friend, will on the ninth day experience some great joy and will be delivered from all calamities. Make a wish while writing the prayer and do not break the chain.
  It must not be signed.

Published: Chicago Daily Tribune, April 11, 1910, p. 2. PRAYER IN CHAIN LETTER IS RECEIVED BY MANY PERSONS. Recipient Is Urged to Send It to Nine Other Individuals in Order to Obtain Great Blessing.  "The text of the communication follows:" [text] "About two years ago, a similar chain letter embodying a prayer was sent through the mails."   Entered by DWV, July 27, 2014.


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