Luck chain letter. "An Ancient Prayer"  "Make a wish while writing." "Don't forget to write to a different friend each day."  US, 1909.
Oh, Lord Jesus, I implore
Thee to bless all mankind:
Keep us from evil and take
Us to dwell in eternity.

  This was sent me by a friend. Copy and see what will happen. It is said in Jerusalem that he who writes this prayer for nine days commencing with the day received will on the ninth day experience some great joy. He will also be delivered from all calamities. But he who will not write will meet with misfortune. Make a wish while writing. Do not forget to write to a different friend each day.
Do not break the chain.
                        A FRIEND

Published: The New York Times.  Dec. 5, 1909, p. 12. A Superstitious "Endless Chain." To the editor of The New York Times: "Recently I received the following article from a so-called friend: [text]. "I wish to protest against this cowardly, superstitious custom of writing, anonymously, too, a chain-prayer with its promises and threats toward furthering the forging of new links in the chain."     Entered by DWV, July 27, 2014.  


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