Luck chain letter (postcard).  Ancient Prayer.  Rewritten.  "Dear Friend:"  Prayer at end.  US, 1909.
 Dear friend:
   I am writing this to you to bring you good luck as well as myself, that is if you care to follow instructions.  A friend sent this to me.  You are to copy this prayer nine days and send it to nine different persons commencing the day you receive this, and see what will happen.  It is said that he who will do as directed, will on the ninth day experience some great joy and will be delivered form all calamities, but he who will not write will meet with some misfortune.  Make a wish while writing, but do not break the chain. Start the day you receive this and keep it up nine days. Be sure and send them to whom you think will not neglect to write.  This is the prayer "The lord Jesus, I implore thee to bless all mankind, keep us from evil by thy precious blood and take us to dwell in Eternity.
                 Lovingly, A FRIEND

Published: Lawrence Daily World (Lawrence, Kansas), May 5, 1909, p. 3.  "Prayer Letters Being Received" "A Queer Combination of Religion and Superstition."  "THE FATAL NUMBER NINE"   "Lawrence People Receive Ready Made Prayers" "But the Expected Something Never Happens on the Ninth Day"  "Many Being Received"   "The craze extends over the whole country." Entered by DWV, May 8, 2014.


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