Luck Chain Letter. Ancient Prayer. Precious blood.  U.S. 1909.

Dear friend.  This was sent to me and I will sent it
to you. Please and copy it to nine of your friend for
nine days and see what will happen. Oh Lord
Jesus I implore thee to have mercy on all mankind.
Keep us from evil by his precious blood and ask
to dwell with thee in eternity. It is said that those
will not write the prayer will meet with some
misfortune and those who will write it for nine days
commencing on the day received will experience
some great joy on the ninth day. Make a wish
while writing and write to nine friend nine
                        A. friend.

Postcard, undivided back. Postmarked in St. Joseph, Missouri on May 4, 1909. Addressed to "Mrs. A. Scheidegger, R.F.D. No 1  03 of 90, City". No return address. All writing in script pencil. Horizontal format, above preserves lines. Sic "friend" singular instead of plural, twice. Sic "nine day". Entered by DWV, 5/1/2010.


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