Luck chain letter (postcard). Ancient Prayer. "See what will happen" (top). US, 1909.

Please copy and send to
nine of your friends and
see what will happen.
        Oh Lord I implore thee
to have mercy on all mankind
Keep us form all evil and at
last to be with thee Eternally
It is said that in Jerusalem
the Holy City he who writes
shall be delivered from all
calamity - it is said he who writes
nine times beginning the day
received and sending out
each day will experience
great Happiness.
    Please do not break this

Postal card (UX19) postmarked Feb. 21, 1909 in Columbus, Ohio. Addressed in pencil to to Miss Pansy Killian, 869 Harrisar Ave, Columbus, O. Pencil address overwritten in black ink. Front also has ten names written in black ink, five of them numbered from 3 to 7 to their left. Also in black: "wood", "pickles", "Alias Mrs L.J. Farguhar"  and some numbers and doodling on the cancellation.  On back: above text (lines preserved) written in pencil vertically, with the second and fourth paragraph copied over in black ink. Four or five doodles also on back. Apparently this card was used in sending out copies of it, some of the text being traced over in ink for easier copying. Entered by DWV, 6/2/2012.


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