Luck chain letter.  Ancient Prayer type. No Bishop Lawrence. "With lots of good wishes to you, I remain ..."
Oh, Lord Jesus, I implore Thee to have mercy on mankind and keep us from evil by Thy precious blood and take us to dwell with Thee in Eternity.
   Please copy this letter and send to nine friends. It is an endless chain and must not be broken. It is said that who do will meet with some misfortune and that those who will write it for nine successive days commencing on the day it is received will experience some great joy on the ninth day and will be delivered from a great calamity, but you must make a wish when writing. With lots of good wishes to you, I remain sincerely,
                 A FRIEND.

Published: Cumberland Evening Times (Cumberland, Maryland), Feb. 9, 1908, p. 5. Endless Chain Letters.  "Many ladies of this section of the city have been in receipt of a badly written "endless chain letter," containing a prayer, the last few days. In several instances women in delicate health, and others who have relatives or friend lying ill at distant points, have been wrought to a high pitch of nervousness by the threat contained in the last few lines, advising compliance with the letter in order to avert "a great calamity." The letters read as follows:" [text]  Entered by DWV, July 29, 2014.


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