Luck chain letter. Ancient Prayer type. "Endless Chain of Prayer"  Bishop Lawrence  "...terrible misfortune will befall you."  US, 1908.
  Oh! Lord Jesus, the eternal God, have mercy upon all mankind; keep us from sins, and take us to live with thee eternally.
  This prayer was sent to Bishop Lawrence recommending to be sent to nine persons. It must not be signed.. He or she who will commencing on the day received distributing and sending one each day will on or after experience some great joy, but if you do not do this a terrible misfortune will befall you.
  At Jerusalem during the great feast it was said he who will write this prayer for nine days will be delivered from every calamity. Please copy as received. Trusting that the blessing of God may rest upon you and those to whom it is sent.

Published: Fayetteville Weekly Observer (Fayetteville, North Carolina), Sept. 24, 1908, p. 3.  This Chain Should Be Broken.  "A number of people in Fayetteville have received the letter published below, sent anonymously, and in the case of several women, it has frightened them into hysterics. In most cases they feel compelled to comply with the injunctions set forth, and thus the thing is kept going. The letter is as follows:" [text].  Entered by DWV, July 29, 2014.


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