Luck chain letter (postcard). Ancient Prayer. "Endless Chain Prayer." Malta, 1908.

Endless Chain Prayer
O Lord we implore thee
to have mercy on all
mankind. Keep us from
evil & take us to be
with thee eternally.

This prayer was written by
Bishop Lawrence recommending
it to be sent to 9 different persons.
Begin on the day you receive this
card & send one each day until 9
days have elapsed. On or before
the 9th day you will receive some
great joy.      Please do not break
          the chain.

I will write as soon as possible   love

Picture postcard (Military Hospital - Zabbar - Malta), undivided back. Hand written in black ink. Postmarked on March 19 (?), 1908 (postmark: "198P08") in Valletta, Malta. Addressed to Miss D. Pullen, 4 Highton Terrace, Elizabeth Rd, Worthing, Sussex, England.  Purchased on eBay from England. Entered by DWV, 6/08. 


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