Luck chain letter (postcard). Ancient prayer type. US, probably 1907.

Lord Jesus Christ we implore
thee to have mercy on all
mankind keeping us from
all sin and taking us
with thee through Eternity.
Please send this to nine
persons and you will on
or before the ninth day
experience a great joy.
And if you don't you
will have a misfortune.
Do not break the chain.
This was sent to me with
the request that I send
it to nine persons.

Written in black ink on the divided back of a picture postcard (The Post-Office, Canton, Ohio). Addressed to Miss Bessie McColough in New Philadelphia, Ohio. Postmarked in New Philadelphia on June 3, 1907. The last digit of the year looks like a "1". But it can not be 1901 because the postcard bears the 1 cent Franklin (Scott #300) which was first issued in 1902. Purchased on eBay in 4/2007. Entered by DWV, 4/30/2007.


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