Luck Chain Letter. Ancient Prayer.  "Bishop Warren"  "One  person who paid no heed to it met with a terrible accident."  US. 1907.

O, Lord Jesus, we implore Thee O eternal God, to have mercy on all  mankind: keeping us from all sin by Thy precious blood and take us to live with Thee eternally.
This prayer was sent by Bishop Warren, recommending that it be written and sent to nine other persons.
He who will not write it will be afflicted by some misfortune. One person who paid no heed to it met with a terrible accident. He who will write this prayer for nine days, commencing on the day that it is received, will, after the ninth day, experience some great joy.  At Jerusalem during the holy feast, it was said, "Who will write this prayer will be delivered from some calamity." Please do not break the chain.

Published: Arkansas City Daily Traveler (Arkansas City, Kansas), 23 April 1907. Title: "Endless Prayer Chain". "The Cleveland Postoffice authorities and the postal inspectors all over the country are again busy trying to ferret out who is responsible for reviving the endless prayer chain." Entered by DWV, Dec. 1, 2013.


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