Luck chain letter.  Ancient Prayer with linkage. "I have written this just as I received it. Now, please send it to others."  US, 1907.
Dear Friend and Christian: Below is a prayer chain just as it was sent to me, so I send it out to others, for I do not want it broken in my hands. May God bless you and others to keep it going.
O, Lord Jesus, we implore thee O Eternal God, to have mercy on all mankind: keep us from all sin, and take us to live with thee eternally. Amen.
This prayer was dictated by Bishop Lawrence. He commands it to be written and sent to nine other persons. He who will not do it will be afflicted by some misfortune, and persons who pay no attention to it will meet with a terrible accident. He who will write this prayer for nine days and send it to nine others, commencing the day you receive this (only one each day), will after nine days experience some great joy. At Jerusalem, at the feast, it was said he who would write this prayer would be delivered from every calamity. Please do not let this drop in your hands. I have written this just as I received it. Now, please send it to others. Sincerely, CHRISTIAN

Published: The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia), March 26, 1907, p. 1.

Craze Has Reached Such Pitch as to Clog the Postal Department.
Name of Bishop Lawrence Being Used Without Authority in Connection With the Prayer, Clergymen Denounce the Matter as a Fake.
Washington, D. C.. March 25 - "The "chain letter" epidemic has again broken out. This time it appears that all the people in the country have been set to writing prayers. ... The letter is as follows:"  [text]       Entered by DWV, Sept. 13, 2014.


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