Luck chain letter. Ancient Prayer ("Prayer Chain"). Bishop Lawrence.  "...great glory."  "...Great Redeemer."  US, 1907.
  I am sending you this Prayer chain and trust you will keep it going, and also derive great benefits therefrom.
  We implore thee, oh eternal God, to have mercy upon all mankind, keep us from sin by Thy blood and help us to be with Thee eternally - Amen.
  This Prayer was sent by Bishop Lawrence, recommending it to be sent to 9 different persons.
  He who will not write this Prayer will meet with some misfortune. One person who paid no attention to it met with a fearful accident. He who will write this Prayer 9 days to 9 different persons, will on and after the 9th day experience great glory.
  At Jerusalem at the Holy Feast it was said that he who would write this Prayer would be delivered from every calamity.
  Please do not break this Prayer chain which I send you in the name of our Great Redeemer.

Published: The Wilmington Messenger (Wilmington, North Carolina), Jan. 30, 1907, p. 8.  ARE YOU IN THE PRAYER CHAIN? Letters Predicting Calamity if the Chain is Broken. "During the past few days, quite a number of people in this city, have received anonymously, letters in a 'prayer chain' which have caused some worry and a good deal of comment."  "It is understood that the Prayer chain pretty generally covered all of South Carolina, and it has been the subject of frequent comment in the press of that state for some time.   Entered by DWV, July 26, 2014.


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