Luck chain letter. Ancient Prayer type.  Bishop Leonard.  "...receive luck in business and ..."  US, 1907.
Oh, Lord Jesus Christ, we implore thee, oh Eternal God, have mercy on mankind. Keep us from all sin and take us through eternity. Amen.

  Bishop Leonard requests this prayer recited and sent to nine persons. The one who will not do this will have some misfortune: but he or she who recites this prayer and sends it to nine persons beginning the day it is received and sending one each day thereafter, will on or before the ninth day receive luck in business and experience some great joy.
                     Bishop Leonard

Published: The Elyria Reporter (Elyria, Ohio), Jan. 19, 1907, p. 4.  PRAYER APPEAL IS BOGUS, SAY OFFICERS.  Chain Game Started Which the Authorities Are Now Trying to Run Down. "Postmasters of Ohio have reported to the federal authorities the fact that 'endless prayers' are again making their way through the mails. The appeal is sent in the name of Bishop Leonard who claims that his signature has been forged. The prayer which follow is a violation of the postal regulations and the authorities claim that person receiving them should return the same at once to the postmaster with any information they may have regarding the sender."  Entered by DWV, July 25, 2014.


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