Luck chain letter (published). Ancient Prayer type. Falsely attributed to Bishop Lawrence. US, 1906.
O Lord Jesus Christ we implore thee,
O Eternal Lord, to have mercy on all mankind.
Keep us from all sin by Thy precious blood,
And take us to dwell with Thee eternally.
   This prayer was sent out by Bishop Lawrence asking the person receiving it to rewrite it and send it to nine others saying, 'He who will not rewrite will be affected by some misfortune or be eternally punished.  He who rewrites this prayer for nine days will on the ninth day experience a great joy.  Please do not break the chain; it must not be broken.'
From Lawrence, William. 1926. Memories of a Happy Life. Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston, p. 282-3.  "For two or there years, beginning in 1906, I was harassed by an outcropping of superstition in the form of a prayer chain, the source of which I have never discovered." "Letters of inquiry, protest, and condemnation came to me from over the country, Europe and beyond."


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