Luck Chain Letter. Ancient Prayer type. "Bishop Lawrence" variation. With fulfillment notes. England, 1906.

The Endless Prayer Chain

At Jerusalem during the
Holly Feast it was said,
"He who will write this
prayer shall be delivered
from every calamity"
This prayer was sent by
Bishop Lawrence recomend-
ing it to be written &
sent to nine other persons.
He who will write this
prayer nine days com-
mencing on the day it

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is received, & sending one
on each day will on    &
after the ninth day experience
much joy.

     Please do not break
               the chain.


"O Lord Jesus Christ, we
implore Thee, O Eternal
God to have mercy on us
& all mankind.  Keep us
from sin by Thy Precious
Blood, & take us to be with
Thee Eternally."

............... Notes in a different hand ............

     This was sent me on
             Christmas Eve of 1906.
                              K. Horncastle

Received good results of good news,
giving me great joy, on
New Year's Day 1907.     Virj [?]
From Answer to prayer. two people
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Husband & Wife. went - to - the
Holy Communion together,
on Xmas Day of 1906. for
the 1st time. living (newly
married). in Liverpool.

Written in a Thankful spirit -
11 January 1907. by Kate Horncastle

Handwritten letter on double folded 6 1/8" by 7 3/4" paper. Came in unmailed envelope marked "To be reserved. Answer to Prayer." Fulfillment notes written in a different hand from chain letter, and at right angles on unused quarters. Purchased on eBay. Entered by DWV, 3/27/2013.


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