Luck chain letter.  Ancient Prayer.  "He who will not say it will be afflicted by some misfortune."   US, 1906.

Oh Lord Jesus we implore thee Oh Eternal God to have mercy on all mankind, keep us from all sin by thy Precious blood and take us to dwell with thee eternally.  Amen
This prayer was sent by Bishop Lawrence recommending it to be rewritten and sent to nine other persons. He who will not say it will be afflicted by some misfortune. one who paid on attention to it whatever met wit a terrible accident. He who will rewrite this prayer for nine days and send it to nine other persons commencing on the day on which it was received, will on or after the ninth experience a great joy. At Jerusalem it was said, He who will rewrite this prayer will be delivered from every calamity.
Please don't beak this chain.

From: Graham Guardian (Safford, Arizona), 21 Dec. 1906, p.2. Title: "Endless Prayer Chain" "Some fool or knave is sending out the following to different children in town as well as to some adults." Entered by DWV, Dec. 6, 2013.


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