Luck chain letter.  Ancient Prayer (no title).  "Dear Friend"   Bishop Lawrence.  Approving context!  US, 1906.
Dear Friend - I am sending you a prayer that I received with the request that it be sent to nine persons. Please do not break the chain.
  Oh, Lord Jesus Christ, we implore Thee, oh, Eternal God to have mercy on all mankind.  Keep us from all evil and sin, and take us with Thee through eternity. Amen.
  This prayer was sent to Bishop Lawrence, asking that it be rewritten and sent to nine persons. The one who will not do this will have some misfortune. He who rewrites the prayer, beginning the day it is received, and writes one each day, will on or before the ninth day experience some great joy. It was heard said that he who will grant this request will be delivered from some great calamity.
Please do not break the chain.
                A  FRIEND

Published: The Kansas City Kansas Globe (Kansas City, Kansas), Nov. 26, 1906, p. 3. A PRAYER.  Dire Calamity Will Befall the Person Receiving It Who Breaks the Chain.  
"The Globe has received a prayer, which has this day been mailed to A. L. Berger, the attorney. It is published by request, in the hope that each of The Globe's thousands of subscribers will continue the chain. Here it is:"  [text]  
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