Luck chain letter (postcard). Ancient Prayer type. "This prayer was sent by Bishop Lawrence ..." US, 1906.

Endless Prayer Chain.
Oh! Lord Jesus Christ we implore
thee, Oh God have Mercy on all
Nations, keeping us from sin
by thy blood and take us to
dwell with thee eternally, Amen
         ---       ---    ----    -----   ----
This prayer was sent by Bishop
Lawrence recommending it to be
recided & sent to Nine other
persons. He who will not heed it
be afflicted by Misfortune. He
who will recide it and send it
to Nine other persons beginning
on the day it was read will on
or after the Ninth day receive a
great joy it is also said that
he who will recide it will be
delivered from all Calamity
Please do not break the Chain.
                       Mary E Erb

Handwritten in black ink on undivided back of a US postal card (Scott UX18). Postmarked in Birdsboro, PA on July 4, 1906. Addressed in pencil to Mrs. Chas Adams, Birdsboro, Pa. Sic "recided", "recide", "recide" for recite. Ebay lot 150119751666 closing 5/12/2007. Provided by Marshall Schuon. Entered by DWV, 5/19/2007.


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