Luck chain letter. "Ancient Prayer" type. Bishop Lenonce "At Jerusalem during Holy Mass, a voice was heard to say:"  US, 1906.
Prayer - O Lord, Jesus Christ, we implore thee. O Eternal Holiness have mercy on all mankind. Purify us from all sin by your precious blood and take us to be with you eternally - Amen.
  O Jesus Christ, we implore thee. O Eternal Lord have mercy on us and ours. Deliver us from all evil through your precious blood. - Amen.  
  At Jerusalem during the Holy Mass, a voice was heard to say: They who write this prayer shall be delivered from every calamity. This prayer was sent from Bishop Lenonce recommending it to be sent to nine persons. They who do not write this prayer shall be afflicted by a great calamity. One who paid no attention to it was punished by an accident. They who write this prayer for nine days and deliver to nine persons through the mail beginning the day they receive it sending one only to each person shall receive great joy after nine days.  - Winston oJurnal

Published:  The Wilmington Messenger (Wilmington, North Carolina), May 9, 1906, p. 4. ANONYMOUS LETTER. Several Ladies of the Twin-City Have Received Copies of a Mysterious Letter Evidently Emanating From an Unbalanced Mind. "Below is appended a copy of an anonymous letter which is being sent to the ladies of the Twin-City evidently by some scatter-brained idiot whose proper place is a padded cell."   "While these letters in themselves are harmless the line of thought created by them is exceedingly unpleasant to those to whom they were sent:"  [text follows].    Entered by DWV, July 23, 2014.


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