Luck chain letter.  Ancient Prayer. "Bishop of Lorain"  US, 1906.

           Child of God:
   If you write this prayer for
nine days and send it to nine persons,
commencing the day you receive it, you
will have a great joy at the expiration of
the nine days.
   At Jerusalem a voice was heard to say
during Mass- "He who recites this prayer
will be delivered from all calamity.  The
Bishop of Lorain recommended it to be sent
to nine persons.  He who will not say it will be
afflicted with a misfortune. Once a person
paid no attention to it and met with
a terrible accident.  Please in the

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name of God, do not break this chain.
  O Lord Jesus Christ we implore Thee,
O Eternal God, have mercy on all
mankind. Purify us from all sin by
Your precious blood, and take us to live
with Thee - Eternally, Amen.
  O Eternal Holiness, have mercy on
all mankind, pardon our sins and
offences and deliver us from all
trials by Your precious blood, Amen

Hand written letter on two sides of an unruled 6 3/8 by 10 1/2 inch sheet.  Lines preserved above. Envelope postmarked in Centralia, Ill on April 21, 1906 at 11:30 AM. Addressed to Mrs. Marion Sitherwood, Sandoval, Ill. No return address.  Letter stamped received in Sandoval on April 21, 4 PM on back. Sic "offences", no closing quotation mark on voice quote, "Lorain" for "Lorraine". Lorain is a city in Ohio, Lorraine is a region in France. Purchased on eBay, 8/2013. Entered by DWV, 8/24/2013.


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