Luck Chain Letter. "Ancient Prayer" (this title not present). Bishop of Rome. Must recite. Son assassinated.  US, 1906.

Lord Jesus Christ we beseech Thee, O Lord, our God Holy Eternal, have mercy on us and all sinners forever and ever. Amen. O Lord Jesus Christ we beseech Thee, Lord Eternal have mercy on us and all sinners and save us from all harm by Thy precious blood now and forever. Amen.

Whoever writes and recites this prayer for nine days once a day will receive a great joy at the end of the period beginning from the day the prayer is received until the end of the nine days. Give a copy a day to any person who will do the same. This prayer has been sent by the Bishop of Rome with this story. A copy was sent to a woman who paid no attention to it and in punishment therefore her son was assassinated at the end of the third day.
Any person who receives this prayer must recite it and give a copy to nine persons for nine days, one person each day.

Published: Harrisburg Telegraph (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania), March 8, 1906. p. 1. PRETENDS TO BE FROM POPE'S PEN. Circulated By Endless Chain Method; Nine Circular to Link. Rev. M M. Hassett Declares it to be Fraudulent. "Hundreds of anonymous letters, commanding all faithful Catholics to prayer and threatening violent death if the command is not obeyed, have been received by Catholics in Harrisburg and Steelton."  "Rev. M. M. Hassett, rector of St. Patrick's Cathedral, to whom the letter ws referred, has pronounced it a fake pure and simple."  "The letter in full follows:" Entered by DWV, 7-22-2014.


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