Luck chain letter.  Ancient Prayer - early Catholic form.  Partial text. Immunities. Patent Medicine.  US, 1906.
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Whoever recites and writes this prayer for nine days will receive a great joy at the end of the period, beginning from the day you receive it to the end of nine days, giving one each day to a person who will do the same. This prayer was sent to a woman, who paid not attention to it, and she was punished at the end of three days.  This prayer was sent by the bishop of Rome, also told of it whoever receives this must recite and give a copy once a day to a person who will do the same.

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Published: Pittston Gazette (Pittston, Pennsylvania) Feb. 21, 1906, p. 5. PRAYER BEING SENT LOCAL CATHOLICS.  Much Condemned Endless Chain Prayer Finds Its Way Here - Hierarchy Oppose It.
  "An endless-chain prayer that is being issued in great numbers throughout different sections of the country and which is meeting with active opposition and condemnation by the Catholic hierarchy, is being introduced into this city. Numerous copies of it were received here yesterday, some of which emanated from Scranton.  Accompanying the prayer was the following explanatory note: [text].
  According to the Irish-American of the present week, Mgr. Lavelle, rector of St. Patrick's cathedral, New York, has called the attention of District Attorney Jerome to the prayer. The paper above mentioned quotes Mgr. Lavelle as follows in connection with the prayer.
  'It may have been originally been sent out by some well-meaning but misguided person, but it is an outcropping of superstition. It was fist sent out with a patent medicine advertisement. I believe, having been translated from the Italian. It was ultimately handed from one person to another.
  The letter promises immunity from drowning and also immunity from arrest and the like, if the injunction in the letter is obeyed. Not only I, but many other of the Catholic clergy throughout the United States, are taking action in the suppression of the false prayer, to which the names of several prominent bishops have been forged.
  I am anxious for the public to know that a prayer of that character is contrary in every respect to the spirit of the church because, among other things, it promises physical impossibilities. So far I have been unable to learn who the author is or the object he has in sending the letter out.' "
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