Parody chain letter. Wife exchange. US, 1980.


   This is a chain letter.  It came into

existence for men just like you. This is no

ordinary chain letter. All that you have to

do is send your wife or girl-friend to the

man at the top of the list, cross his name

out, put your name at the bottom of the list

and mail a copy of this letter to five of

your friends.

   By the time your name reaches the top of

the list, you will have received over two

thousand different women. But whatever you

do  DO NOT BREAK THE CHAIN . One man did and

he got his own bitch back.

   A man in southern Idaho is reported to

have received over ten thousand women. He

was buried last Tuesday, but it took 37

morticians 3 hours to get the smile off of

his face

_______________          ________________

_______________          ________________

_______________          ________________

_______________          _________________

Photocopy of typed original. Dated in upper right "6/17/80." From a collection of photocopy lore compiled by William C. Nichols. Provided by the Ohio State University Folklore Archives to Preston. Keystrokes preserved.


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