Parody Chain Letter.  Husband Exchange.  " took 3 undertakers 36 hours to get the smile off her face."  US, 1979.
This chain was started by a woman like yourself in hopes of bringing relief to tired, discontented women.  Unlike most chain letters, this doesn't cost anything. Just send a copy to 5 of your female friends who are equally tired, then bundle up your husband and send him to the woman at the top of the list. Add your name to the bottom of it. When your name comes to the top, your will receive 16,748 men, and some will be dandies, I assure you.
Have faith and don't break the chain. One woman did break the chain and she got her SOB back. At the time of this writing, a friend of mine has received 183 men. Thy buried her yesterday, but it took 3 undertakers 36 hours to get the smile off her face.
Please allow 3 to 5 days for the 1st bundle to arrive, shipped via UPS.

Published: The Canyon News (Canyon, Texas), 27 May 1979. p. 2.  City Desk: "If you're faithless the chain spirit knows" by Carrol Wilson. "Another chain letter, my favorite so far, was given to me last week by a girl in the courthouse. I repeat it verbatim here:"  Entered by DWV, Jan. 29, 2014.


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