Parody of money chain letter. Commercial birthday card. Wife exchange. US, 1974.

[Front: Man sleeping in chair w. newspaper covering his head, cat on floor to his left.]
[Inside left: c MCMLXXIV  Joli Greeting Card Company  Chicago, Illinois]
[Inside right: text below]

Dear Friend:

This is a chain letter started
in the hope of bringing relief
and happiness to tired husbands.
Unlike other chain letters this
letter does not cost any money.
Simply send a copy of this
letter to five of your friends
who are equally tired husbands,
then bundle up your wife and
send her to the man whose name
is at the top of the list.
When your name comes to the top
of the list, you will have
received 16,477 women, and some
of them will be DANDIES. Don't
break this chain, one man broke
the chain and got his old lady
back in three hours and twenty
two minutes.

P.S.               As of this
writing, a friend of mine had
received three hundred and
seventy-five women!  They
buried him yesterday and every-
one said he had a wonderful
smile on his face for the first
time in many years.

               A Friend

[Back: JOLI (decorative) GREETING CAR CO. CHICAGO, ILL.  50BH-96          PRINTED IN U.S.A.]

Commercial birthday card, 9 1/4 by 4 inches. Joli, 1974, inscribed as above. Purchased on eBay. Entered by DWV, 5/14/2019.


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