Chain letter parody - political. Goldwater v. Johnson. US, 1964.

[Drawing of bespectacled elephant, in Tuxedo with bow tie, holding a letter with message below in script font. Card copyright by BLC. Drawing by M. Lee. Elephant speaks the following title:]


   Dear Friend;
   This chain was started in the hope of
bringing happiness, peace and prosperity
to people throughout the world. Unlike most
chains, this one requires no money.
Just send a copy of this card to 10 of
your friends.
  In a short time you will have the
satisfaction of knowing that you helped
to elect a man of courage, wisdom and
dignity to the highest office in the land.
   Have faith -- don't break the chain
or you could get ol' Lyndon back for
the next four years.
                              Your Buddy.

Black and white postcard published Baxter Lane Co., Amarillo, Texas. "A Cackle Card."  Dated 1964 by seller. Ebay lot 2190814721. Lines preserved. Entered by DWV on 9/8/03.


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