Parody chain letter (published). Wife Exchange. US, 1954?


As you know, chain letters have been barred by the Post Office Dept.
This chain letter, however, is not illegal because it does not involve money.
In this chain you send your wife, because the purpose of the chain is not wealth but happiness.

Here is how it works: Send your wife to the man at he head of the list printed below, along with the names of five other husbands willing to participate in the chain. The man you select in turn sends his wife to the top name on your list.

If the chain is not broken, you will eventually receive 3,246 wives, which should be enough for a normal lifetime, especially if you don't go broke.

The man who broke the first chain in this series GOT HIS OWN WIFE BACK.

Sann, Paul. 1967. Fads, Follies and Delusions of the American People. New York: Crown Publishers, p. 104. This "came to the author's desk several years ago." Estimated date 1954 since no undertaker PS.


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