Parody of money chain letter (commercial postcard). "Wife Exchange." US, 1954.

DON'T Break the Chain !

  This chain was started in the hope of bringing happiness to all men. Unlike most chains, this one does not require money. Simply send a copy of this card to five married male friends. Then bundle up your wife and send her to the fellow who heads the list.

  When your name comes to the head of the list you will receive 188 women . . . some of them ought to be dandies. Have faith . . . don't break the chain. One fellow broke the chain and got his wife back!

Text printed on a postcard postmarked July 20, 1954 and mailed to Mrs. Dorothy Farris in Shawnee, Kansas. The card was manufactured by the Continental Publishing Co., 705 Fifth St., Sioux City, Iowa. It pictures a buxom redhead in a sheer nightgown with an oversize tag tied to her right wrist. The tag reads as above. Collected by D. VanArsdale.


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