Parody chain letter.  Wife exchange. Titled: "Man's Paradise Chain Letter"  6,718 women.  Wife back joke.  US, 1948.
Man's Paradise Chain Letter.
Unlike most chain letters, this is one that does not cost any money. Simply send a copy of this letter to five male friends. Then bundle up your wife and send her to the fellow at the top; of the list. When your name comes to the top of the list, you will receive 6,718 women. Have faith. Do not break the chain. One man broke the chain and got his own wife back.

Published: The Press-Gazette (Hillsboro, Ohio), March 19, 1948, p. 1. CHAIN LETTER FAD RENEWED, LOCAL POST OFFICE REPORTS.  "After an intermission during World War II, the chain letter fad is coming back but faces sharp fight from the postal authorities. Many such letters have been received at the Hillsboro Post Office." Gives text of a Tea Towel exchange chain letter. "Another version stopped by the postmaster at Circleville is strictly on the humorous side and addressed only to men. It is called " [text].   Entered by DWV, Aug. 13, 2014.


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