Parody chain letter (of Send-a-Dime).  "Pull Chain letter." No comic names. US, 1935.

 Touch Bottom  -  Pull Chain Letter


          This chain letter was started
in the hopes of bringing back
popularity to the Old Back
House and relief of a distressed
          Upon receipt of this letter
pull chain, make five copies
and send to five friends,
scratching off the top name
and mailing him one roll
of toilet paper, adding your
name to bottom of list. In
turn as your name reaches
the top you should receive
15,625 rolls of toilet paper,
enough to wipe out the national
      Give the call "Old Pall"
and don't let the bottom fall

P.S.     Those living in Rural
     Districts may send corn cobs.

                            Mary H. Murtha


Handwritten mostly in black ink on one side of a piece of 10 x 6.5 inch unlined paper. No envelope. The name and date at the very bottom of the letter are written in blue ink. The date "6/8/1925" could not be the date of the letter since the letter parodies send-a-dime which originated in 1935.  Note also the term "distressed nation," not likely to have been used in 1925.  Lines above as written. Ebay lot 200005768814 closing 7/16/2006. Provided by Miner Enterprises. Entered by DWV, 7/20/2006.


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