Play more golf.  "Food for Thought" with Gene Sarazen postscript.  Norton Mockridge column.  US, 1966.
IN 1923, eight of the world's greatest financiers met in Chicago.
They were: (1) a steel company president; (2)a gas company president; (3) the greatest wheat speculator; (4) the president of the New York Stock Exchange; (5) a member of the President's Cabinet; (6) the greatest bear in Wall St.; (7) the head of the world's greatest monopoly, and (8) the president of the Bank of International Settlement.
 Now, 43 years  later, where are these men?
(1) Charles Schwab died a pauper. (2) Howard Hopson went to jail and died in a sanitarium. (3) Arthur Cutten died insolvent. (4) Richard Whitney went to prison. (5) Albert Fall went to jail for taking a bribe. (6) Jesse Livermore died a suicide. (7) Ivar Kruger, the match king, killed himself. (8) Leon Fraser shot himself.

In that same year, 1923, Gene Sarazen was winning golf tournaments. Today, he's still playing golf and is very much solvent.
Moral: Stop worrying about your business and get out and play more golf.

Published: Delaware County (PA) Daily Times, July 28, 1966. Column by Norton Mockridge. "New York - Lots of busy businessmen feel a little guilty about the amount of time they put in on the golf course. But I have heartening words for them today. In quite a few locker rooms around the country, the pros are putting the following notice on their bulletin boards:"  Earliest yet with Sarazen. Entered by DWV, 4/16/2014.


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