Postcard with note seeking penal - likely in response to pc exchange.   US, 1945?

Dear Mrs. Miller
   I received your name on a chain
letter some days ago  I am sending
this post card.
   I am a girl 5' 1" and have blue
eyes weight 101 pounds.
   I would like to hear from you
as I'm not writing to any anyone in
                  Yours very truly
                     Miss Donna Reno
                     Box 525
                     Ulysses, Kansas

Handwritten note on unmailed (perhaps mailed in an envelope) postcard - Ulysses Kansas Court House (real photo). Taken from an eBay auction photograph. No date but dealer estimates between 1939-1950 because of EKC stamp box on postcard. I have used 1945u because of popularity of postcard exchange in 1945. Entered by DWV, 11/2012.


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