Matchbook cover with ads.  Crazy House, Baltimore, MD.    US, date unknown (1940?).     Link to image.

Crazy House - Direct by mail purveyors of just for "fun" items.
221 Robb St.  Baltimore 18, Md.

Crazy chain letters
Krazy cards newest laugh kraze
Greatest selection of comedy patter books
Insulting greeting cards
Screamingly funny gagtags
Americas greatest fun values
Crazy comical club basement signs
Hilarious bull thrower tags

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Act normal - be crazy with America's greatest fun items

This coupon and 10c will bring you Crazy House Catalogue and one sample gag tag.
This coupon and 25c will bring you Crazy House Catalogue and five Crazy House samples.

[address, etc.]

LINK TO IMAGE:  ie1940uu_CrazyCL_MatchBook_image

Old paper match book cover with red, green & blue printing on front and order information on back in blue type. Estimated to be from around 1940.
Entered by DWV, 12/2012.  Information sought on this item --- D. W. VanArsdale


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