Postcard complaining about previous breaking of a chain.  US, 1940.

Don't think it was very
nice of you to break a chain.
I am not crazy about them.
But when I do get one I
enough not to break
it! I'll know from now
on not to send you a card
if name appears on chain!
  You don't like 'em. This pen

seems to be working
O.K. now.  P. W.S - Your friend.

Picture postcard (Scenic View in the Ozarks, Looking West from White Rock Mountain) - message written in blue ink. Postmarked Aug. 22, 1940 in Fort Smith, Ark. Addressed to Miss Francis Harford, R. 1. Box 62, Manchester, Iowa. No return address. Sic "I sport enough". Purchased on eBay. Entered on 10/5/2007 by DWV.


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