Quilt patch exchange - compliance.  "Pardon my delay in sending the Star patch." With star patch.  US, 1937.

Wooster O.  390 Saybolt Ave
                     Apr 2 - 1937

Mrs Maxwell - pardon my
delay in sending the Star
patch. I lost my pattern
in some way and had to
write to one to whom I sen
one - took t???? see?
I finished this star today and
think it is a very pretty
pattern - easy to make too.
I hope you like it  I have
a  Star quilt.  Yours
               Mrs Ida M. Thomas

I had this patch pressed
so nice - it will need
pressing again when you
get it.

Hand written in black ink, PS in pencil. Postmarked in Killbuck, Ohio, March 10, 1937. No return address. Envelope contained (1) large 6-star pattern, short diameter 6" (pink flower design), with central hexagon (plain white) and (2) plain white hexagon, short diameter 5". Entered by DWV, Nov. 19, 2020.


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