Letter with Guaranteed Prosperity Club chain. US, 1935.

                                 Seattle, Wash.
                                 May 10, 1935

Dear George:

          How's the chain letter vogue.  Has it hit Harrah
the way it has and is taking Seattle?  If it hasn't here is a
way of speeding up individual prosperity.

          Gen got in on this chain, started by Air Mail Pilots
at Sears on Tuesday, using my name and office address.  Yester-
day $4.00 came in.  The mail this A.M. contained $13.00.  One
of the girls in the office just came in on it and I am assist-
ing her to dispose of hers.  Personal contact is the story
back of the success of this chain.  As appears from the instruct-
ions given in the letter, you are supposed to make five copies
of this letter, beginning with the name "Bertha Bennerstrom"
and adding your own name at the bottom.  Then enclose $1.00
in the envelope I am enclosing to "H.G.Domaldson". When giving
out your copies make out five envelopes addressed to "Bertha
Bennerstrom" and have each of the five people you hand a copy
and envelope mail his dollar in your presence to "Bertha".

          If the vogue has not struck Harrah in full blast
you can probably take the town by storm.  The success of the
chain is due to the enthusiasm generated by the personal con-
tact.  The first ones to dispose of are hard - when it starts
it goes fast.

          I know the individuals ahead of me on the chain, also
those behind me.  If you want to mail a dollar in eh enclosed
envelope to "Donaldson" follow the above instructions and impress
upon the people following you to do the same, to keep the chain

          I feel that the person who got us in did us a favor.

          If you do not want in please return the letter so
the chain will not be broken.  If the territory is virgin
follow the directions, put your five copies in the hands of
live wires.  I hope you have the success I have had so far and
expect to have.

          With best wishes to you and Betty, I am     
                  Sincerely and optimistically yours,

                                  Ernest Falk

P.S.:  I have had the five copies for you to hand out typed for
       your convenience.


Typed letter accompanying  me1935-05-10_guaranteed_s$1n6 - the "Guaranteed Prosperity Club" pyramid scheme. Enclosed with the chain letter and five copies in an envelope dated May 10, 1935 in Seattle.


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