Postcard shower request. For mother's birthday. U.S., 1912.

Sumner, Ill. Apr. 2. 1912.

Dear Friends:-

  Here is a view showing part of our "plant." I am trying to get up a card shower (or whatever you care to call it.) for mother. her birth day will be the 12th. Be pleased to have you people send a card. And wish you would tell Bruce about it, or send me his address. Will send you another view or two, for your trouble. If you have no mud and wish for some, will send you a few. We "sure" have lots of it: and lots of water too.
                                Your Friend
    R.R.  #3.                Webster Kapp.

Real photo postcard, probably from an amateur photograph. Subject: Tank on D.P. Stolz farm. Card addressed to Mr. Josiah Pearce, Parkers Landing, Pa. R.R. 67. No stamp or postmark. Last sentence and closing written upside above start. All writing in light blue ink comprising 20 lines, no paragraphing. Ebay lot 6271249577 closing 4/18/06. Provided by John Witkauskas. Entered by DWV, 4/21/06.


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