Himmelsbrief. trnsl. from High German. Internal attribution Holstein. "One has to believe. The letter by itself is useless."  Germany, 1800s?

One has to believe. The letter by itself is useless.  The letter came from heaven and was found in Holstein in 1579.  It was written in golden letters and floated over the baptismal font in Rundau.  Whenever one tried to seize the letter it retreated. In 1591 someone had the idea to copy the letter and communicate the content to the whole world.

If anybody has a bleeding nose or another wound and cannot stop the bleeding he should take this letter and place it on the wound.  He who does not believe this letter should write the letters HJKJF on his sword or the side of his rifle and should carry this letter with him.  He will not be wounded or bewitched.  His enemies will not be able to harm him.
These are the sacred five wounds of Christ: HJJGK. These will make certain that there will be no wrongful judgment against you. He who carries this letter will be protected against lightning or thunder or fire or water. He who carries this blessing with him will be protected against bullets and cannons.  He who does not believe should copy the letter and hang it around the neck of a dog and shoot at the dog and he will see that this is true. He who carries this letter will not be captured by the enemy nor will he be wounded by the enemies’ weapons.  This is true as it is true that Christ was born and came from heaven and lived on earth. Everything will remain unharmed.

I swear in the name of God, the Word, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Original German version hand written in an archaic German script. English translation provided by the estate of Bertram "Spud" Rohman. Date difficult to determine - assigned date is arbitray. Edited by DWV and entered March 4, 2014.


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