Letter from Heaven (published). Madgeburg type. Since 1783?  US,1951.

Himmels              Brief,

That was written by God Himself and was let down at Madgeburg. It was written with golden letters and was sent from God by an angel . . . it shall be given to whoever will copy; whoever condemns it shall be forsaken of God..
He who labors upon Sunday is damned; therefore, I command you not to labor upon the Sunday, but go regularly to church, but do not ornament yourselves; you shall not wear false hair and not follow pride; of your riches you shall give unto the poor; share abundantly with them and believe that this letter was written by my own hand, and was published by Christ himself; and that you do not like unto unreasoning beasts; you have six days wherein to do all your work, but the seventh (namely that is the Sunday) you shall keep holy; if you do not then I will send war, hunger (famine), pestilence and sorrow among you and shall punish you with many plagues. Also, I command you every one, whether he be young or old, small or great, that you never work late on Saturday; rather that you repent of your sins that they may be forgiven; lay up neither silver or gold; follow not after the lusts of the flesh and of matter; think (remember) that I have made you and can destroy you, rejoice not that your neighbor is poor, have the more patience -- or charity -- with him that it may be well with you; you children honor father and mother, so that it may be well with you on earth; he who does not believe this and keep it, is damned and lost; I, Jesus, have written this with my own hand; he who denies it and ridicules it, that same person shall have no help to expect from me; whoever has this letter and does not publish it, he is accursed from the Christian church; and if your sins were as large again, if you repent and are sorry, they shall be forgiven you; whoever does not believe it shall die and be punished in hell; also I shall ask about your sins at the judgment day, where you then must answer; and that same person who carries this letter with him, or has it in his house, he shall not be harmed by thunder storms, he shall be safe from fire and water; and whoever publishes it to the children of mankind, he shall have his reward and shall have a happy departure from out of this world; keep my command that I have sent you by my angel. I, truly God, of Heaven's Throne, God's and Mary's son. Amen.
From the Allentown Morning Call, Allentown, PA. Published in October 1951 by Pumpernickel Bill. Printed with ornate border and image of angel with trumpet (between title words). Archaic font. Provided by Alan E. Mays.


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