Letter from Heaven (published). Jesus' sabbath letter. Since 6th century.  US, 1950?

   A copy of a Letter written by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and found eighteen miles from Iconium, fifty three years after our blessed  Saviour's Crucifixion.  Transmitted from the Holy City by a converted Jew.  Faithfully translated from the original Hebrew copy now in the possession of the Lady Cuba's family in Mesopotamia.  The Letter was written by Jesus Christ, and found under a great stone, round and large, at the foot of the Cross. Upon the stone was engraved, "Blessed are they that shall turn me over."  All people that saw it prayed to God earnestly, desiring that he would make this writing known to them and that they might not attempt in vain to turn it over.  In the meantime there came of a little child about six or seven years of age, and turned it over without assistance, to the admiration of all who were standing by.  Under this stone was found the following, written by Jesus Christ.  It was carried to the city of Iconium, and published by a person belonging to the Lady Cuba.  On the Letter was written, "The Commandments of Jesus Christ. Signed by the Angel Gabriel, seventy four years after our Saviour's birth."

   Whosoever worketh on the Sabbath day shall be cursed.  I command you to go to church and keep the  Lord's Day holy, without any manner of work.  You shall not idle or misspend your time in bedecking yourself with superfluities, costly apparel and vain dressing, for I have ordained it a day of rest.  I will have that day kept holy, that your sins may be forgiven you.
   You shall not break my commandments but observe and keep them, they being written by my own hand and spoken with my own mouth.  You shall not only go to church yourself, but also your man servants and your  maid servants.  Observe my word and learn my commandments.  You shall finish your labour every Saturday in the afternoon by six o'clock, at which hour the preparation of the Sabbath begins.
   I advise you to fast five days in the year, beginning with Good Friday and continuing the four Fridays following, in remembrance of the five bloody wounds I received for you and all mankind.
   You shall diligently and peaceably labour in your respective callings wherein it has pleased God to call you.  You shall love one another and cause them that are not baptized to come  to church and receive the holy sacraments. baptism and the Lord's Supper, and to be made members of the church.  In so doing I will give you long life and many blessings, your land shall be replenished and bring forth abundance.  I will comfort you in the greatest temptations, and surely he that doeth to the contrary shall be cursed.  I will also send hardness of heart upon them until I have consumed them, especially upon hardened and impenitent unbelievers
   He that hath given to the poor shall not be unprofited.  Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day, for the seventh day have I taken as a resting day to myself.
   He that hath a copy of this letter, written with my own hand and spoken with my own mouth, and keepeth it without publishing it to others, shall not prosper, but he that publisheth it to others shall be blessed of me.  And if their sins be in number as the stars of the sky, and they truly believe in me, they shall be pardoned.  And if they believe not this writing and my commandments, I will send my plagues upon them and consume both you and your children.
   Whosoever shall have a copy of this letter and keep it in their house, nothing shall hurt them, and if any  woman be in child-birth and put her trust in me, she shall be delivered of her child.  You shall hear no more of me but by the Holy Spirit until the Day of Judgment.  All goodness an prosperity shall be in the house where a copy of this letter shall be found.

From: Goodspeed, Edgar J., Modern Apocrypha, Beacon Press, Boston, 1956. "My first acquaintance with a complete text of The Letter from Heaven in its modern form was when a man came down our street peddling copies of it at fifteen cents each." The year of this purchase is not clear, it could have been as early as World War II, but is after 1933.


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