Letter from Heaven (published). Jesus' sabbath letter found at Iconium. Since 6th century AD. St. Kitts, 1915.


This letter was found eighteen miles from Iconium, sixty-five years after our blessed Saviour's Crucifixion; transmitted from the Holy City by a converted Jew, faithfully translated from its original Hebrew copy, now in the possession of Lady Cura's family in Mesopotamia. This letter was written by Jesus Christ, and found under a great stone, both round and large, at the foot of the Cross, eighteen miles from Iconium near a village called Mesopotamia; upon the stone was written, or engraved, "Blessed is he that turneth me over!" People that saw it prayed to God earnestly, and desired that he would make it known to them the meaning of this writing, that they might not attempt in vain to turn it over; in the meantime a little child turned it over without any help, to the joy of all that stood by.


Whosoever worketh on the Sabbath day shall be cursed; I command you to go to Church, and keep the Lord's day holy, without doing any manner of work. You shall not idly spend your time in bedecking yourself with any superfluities and costly apparel, or vain dresses, for that I have ordained a day of rest; "I will have that day kept holy, that your sins may be forgiven you." You shall not break my commandments, but observe and keep them written with my own hands, and spoken with my own mouth. You shall not only go to Church yourself, but also your menservants and maidservants, and observe my words, and learn my commandments. You shall finish your labour every Saturday by 6 o'clock, at which hour the preparation of the Sabbath begins; I advise you to fast FIVE FRIDAYS in every year, beginning with GOOD-FRIDAY, and to continue the four Fridays immediately following, in remembrance of the five bloody wounds which I received for all mankind; you shall diligently and peaceably labour in your respective callings, "wherein it has pleased God to call you." You shall love one another with brotherly love, and cause them that are baptised to come to Church and receive the Sacrament, Baptism, and the Lord's Supper, and be made members of the Church, in so doing, I will give you a long life and many blessings: your lands shall flourish and your cattle shall bring forth in abundance; and I will give you many blessings and comforts in the greatest temptations; and he that doeth to the contrary, shall be unprofitable; I will also send a hardness of heart upon them, till I see them, but especially upon impenitent unbelievers. He that hath given to the poor shall not be unprofitable.

Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day, for the seventh day I have taken to rest myself; and he that hath a copy of this my letter, written with my own hands, and spoken with my won mouth, and keepeth it without publishing it to others, shall not prosper; but he that publisheth it to others, shall be blessed of me; and although his sins be in number as the stars of the sky, he that believes in this shall be pardoned, and if he believes not this writing, and the commandments I will send many plagues upon him, and consume both him and his children and his cattle; and whosoever shall have a copy of this my letter written with my own had, and keep it in their house, nothing shall hurt them; neither pestilence, lightning, nor thunder shall do them any hurt, and if a woman be with child and in labour, and a copy of this my letter be about her, and she firmly puts her trust in me, she shall safely be delivered of her child.

You shall have no news of me but the Holy Scriptures, until the day of Judgment. * * * All goodness and prosperity shall be in the house where a copy of this my letter shall be found.

J. S. Udal, "Obeah in the West Indies." Folklore. V. 26, 1915, p. 284. The letter was "printed in St. Kitts, and circulated in Tortola (Virgin Islands) by a woman whose house had been burnt down, and who distributed these copies (sold at six cents apiece) as the charm against the repetition of such an event." Oda calls this the "Lady Cubas Letter" ("Lady Cura" in this version).


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