Letter from Heaven (published). Said to have been sent to Charlemagne by the Pope. Since 1725. US, 1895?

   O Admirable Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, dying on the gallows tree of the Cross for our sin altogether.
   O Holy Cross of Christ stir me in all good truth.
   O Holy Cross of Christ ward off from me all danger of Death.
   O Holy Cross of Christ will that I may be in the right Way to happiness, and always give me Life.
   O Crucified Jesus of Nazareth have mercy upon me that the bad enemies may keep off from me now and forever more in the Name of Jesus Christ in honor of His sacred passion and unmerciful death, in honor of His Resurrection and God-like ascension to which he like to bring us in the right way to heaven.
   True as Jesus was born on Christmas Day in a stable. True as Jesus was circumcised on New Years; True as three (3) Kings brought their offering to Jesus on the twelfth day; True as Jesus ascended into Heaven -- so the hands of Jesus will spare me from my enemies to be seen and not to be seen, now and forever into thy hands O Lord I offer my spirit.
   O Jesus have mercy upon me. True as Joseph of Aramethea took him down from the Cross and buried him. O Lord Jesus through the bitter agony thou suffered on the Cross in particular, when your soul was partly from the body. Have mercy on my poor soul when it parts from its mortal body, and this sinful world. O Jesus save me that I may carry my Cross with Thee and teach me that I may make my danger good.
                                                                     Amen -- Amen -- Amen.

                                                 *    *    *    *    *

   This prayer was found in the 50th year of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and in the year 805 was sent from the Pope to the Emperor Charles when he was going to battle for safety.
   They who shall repeat this prayer, or hear it repeated, or keep it about them shall never die nor be drowned in any waters nor shall poison take any effect on them nor shall the fall in the hands of their enemies -- nor shall be overpowered in any battle -- nor be burned in any fire and being read over any woman in labor she shall be safely delivered and be glad and when the child is born, lay this paper on the right side and he or she shall not be troubled with the thirty-two (32) misfortunes, and if you see a man in fits lay this paper on his right side and he shall stand up and thank you, and he shall be blessed from me, Saith the Lord, and he that laugh at it shall suffer.

From: The Pennsylvania Dutchman, 1953. "A True Prayer for Everybody." vol. 5, no. 6, Oct., p.12. King Charles Himmelsbrief. "This type of Himmelsbrief was circulated in the Pennsylvania Dutch country formerly. The original, of which this is a copy, is located in the Berks County (PA) Historical Society." Guessing 1895.  Sic "to which he like. .  ."


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