Letter from Heaven. Jesus' sabbath letter (published). Said to have been found at  "Indiconia". Since 6th century. England, 1863.

In the year 1603.  A copy of a letter written by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and left by the Angel Gabriel, found under a stone at the feet of a cross eighteen miles from Indiconia.  On the top of the stone was written Blessed by thee that turneth ye.  Then they endeavoured to turn it over, but all in vain; they prayed to God to know the meaning of it.  In the same time there came a child about the age of six or seven years, and turned it over to the great admiration of the people that stood by, where under it they found this letter; to have it read they carried it to the foresaid town, where it begins: --

     Whosoever worketh on the Sabbath-day shall be accursed.  I command you to go to church.  Keep that day holy, and do no manner of work thereon; for if you keep the seventh day holy, and incline your hearts to keep my laws, your sins shall be forgiven you; but you must believe that this was written by my hand, and spoken with my mouth.  You also take your children and servants to church with you, to hear and observe my word, and teach them my commandments.  You must fast five Fridays in the year in memory of five wounds taken and received for all mankind.  You must neither take gold nor silver from any person unjustly, nor mock nor scorn my commandments.  You shall love one another with brotherly love, and with a tender heart, that your days may be prolonged.  You shall also charge them that are not baptised to come to church, and receive the same, and be made a member of my church, and  in so doing I will heap my blessings upon you, and give you long life, and the land shall be fruitful and bring forth abundantly; but he that is contrary to those things shall be accursed.  I will send famine, lightning, and thunder, and scant of all these things, till I have consumed you.  Especially on those that will not believe that this was spoken with my mouth, and written with my hand.  Also he that hath shall give to the poor; and he that hath and doth not, shall be accursed, and be a companion of hell.  Remember, I say, to keep the Sabbath-day holy, for on it I have taken rest myself.  Also he that hath a copy of this letter and doth not publish it abroad to others, shall be accursed; but he that sheweth it abroad shall be blessed; and though he sin as often as there are stars in the skies, he shall be pardoned if he truly repent; and he that believeth not this writing, my plagues shall be upon him, his children, and cattle, and all that apertaineth unto him.  Whoso hath a copy of this in his house, no evil spirit nor evil shall vex him, no hunger nor ague, nor any evil spirit shall annoy; but all goodness shall be where a copy of this shall be found.  Also if any woman be in great trouble in her travail and have but a copy of this above her she shall safely be delivered of her child.  You shall hear no more of me till the day of judgment.  In the name of God.  Amen

This is copyed from one that Elizabeth Darnell had copyed in October 6, 1793.

From The Gentleman's Magazine, Dec. 1867, p. 786 (Fowler)  A copy of  "one in the possession of an honest farmer's wife at Saltfleetby St. Clement's, who was very loth to part with it, even for an hour."  Also called the "Letter from Heaven" (Priebsch, Goodspead), the  "Lady Cubas letter" (Oda) and "The Letter." Reference supplied by Mike Preston, 10/29/00.


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